Why I started this blog

I’m Jessie. A coworker once described me as, “a kind, reasonable human being with great taste in coffee,” and I’ve never felt quite so seen.

In addition to good coffee, I also love words. I love words because they help us ask questions and explore possibilities. They allow us to tell our stories and share the pieces of ourselves that others may need. That’s why this blog exists. Because sometimes I feel compelled to share a piece of my broken self in hopes that it will help someone else heal. Sometimes I just can’t help but put what I’m learning into words.

So far, I’ve learned that very little in life is black and white. I’ve learned that some things are true in the same way it’s true to say that the sun comes up every morning, whether you see it or not. Other things are true in the same way it’s true to say the sky is blue: it depends on the time of day, the weather conditions, and the angle from which you’re looking at it. 

I’m working to find peace in a world that’s not as neat and perfectly put together as I was taught. I’m working to find direction and truth amidst all the shades of gray. I’m daily seeking faith and hope in the midst of chaos and confusion. If you’d like to join me, stick around.

What you’ll find here

Honesty. The stories I tell here are real and truthful. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re sad. But they’re always sincere, and they’re always aimed at sharing my honest explorations in ways that will be beneficial.

Questions. I like to ask questions—even if they’re the hard ones that challenge mindsets and poke holes in long-held theories. After all, I believe that questions are how we learn. Asking questions allows us to grow. Even if we ultimately arrive at the same answer we had before we asked the question, we’ll learn something along the way. 

Paradoxes. Sometimes honesty means holding two seemingly incompatible truths side by side. Sometimes there is not just one simple answer to a question. Sometimes pain and joy, peace and chaos, black and white live side by side. One thing I’m committed to is recognizing where paradoxes exist and working to discover how they can enrich our understanding of the world.

A laugh or two.  I know that asking questions and sharing honest answers sounds like serious business, and it is, but it can also be really funny. Here, we’ll find things to laugh at, even if it’s ourselves and the ridiculous things we do while trying to learn how to be human.

Photo by HollandInk.